'SNL': Adam Driver Reprises Popular 'Undercover Boss' Sketch as Kylo Ren, and Fans Are Going Wild

Four long years after Matt the radar technician suddenly appeared on Starkiller Base, Randy the intern is now hard at work for the First Order. On this weekend's Saturday Night Live, Star Wars actor Adam Driver finally starred in a sequel in the now-classic 2016 "Undercover Boss: Star Killer Base" sketch. This time, he played Kylo Ren pretending to be a lowly intern named Randy and fans at home could not stop laughing.

Just as it was hard for Kylo to play Matt four years ago, it was even more difficult to pretend to be Randy. After all, so much has happened since Starkiller Base exploded. He tried to kill his mentor and almost shot his mom in Star Wars: The Last Jedi and now his on a never-ending quest to find Rey before the events of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Fans at home found the new skit as hysterical as the first.

In the skit, Kylo had to complete some menial tasks, which he found hard to do while keeping his anger in check. It did not help that a Stormtrooper made a "these nuts" joke when he asked where to file the fuel invoices. Can't people just be nice to Kylo? He only wants to take over the galaxy.

Kylo also struggled to get the Blue Milk order right, then used the Force to blow up an officer's head.

Later on, an intern told him she dreamed of becoming a TIE Fighter pilot, but needed Kylo's endorsement. So Kylo did that. Unfortunately, the intern wanted to fly just like Luke Skywalker, so he put a lightsaber though her heart.


"How'd it go? I'd say pretty good," Kylo said at the end. "I made four new friends and only killed one of them. That's a pretty good start."

Photo credit: NBC