'Boy Meets World' Alum Maitland Ward Reveals How Her Former Co-Stars Reacted to Her Adult Films Career

While actress Maitland Ward has left the wholesome environment of Boy Meets World to make adult films, her former co-stars are still supportive of her. In a recent interview with InTouch Weekly, Ward said that her old castmates are pretty open-minded about her recent career path. Mostly, however, she said they're just curious.

"It's been positive, and they want to know," Ward explained. "Everybody is like, 'What's it like? What do you do?' That is the main thing I have noticed, too. People are curious what it's like on the inside.

Back in October, Ward ran into Will Friedle at Comic-Con, which she called "a really sweet moment."

"He was like, 'Are you happy?' And I said, 'Yes.' He said, 'That is all that matters.' That was the sweetest moment. It was like no time had passed except a million years -- no, we had seen each other in the past few years, but it was really funny."

While talking up her former co-workers, Ward got a little reminiscent of her time on the show and even recalled a little bit of hazing she had to go through when she joined the cast.

"They told me I was going to have to sing a song in front of the audience for introductions because every week they had introductions," Ward said. "It's like an initiation thing, and I was like, 'Oh my God. I have to get to know this song when they introduce the cast before the show.' Then, we taped the show. So, right up until before, Ben [Savage] was like, 'Yeah, it’s going to be bad.' And then they finally told me right before I went out that you don’t have to do that."


Boy Meets World aired on ABC for seven seasons from 1993 to 2000 and chronicled the everyday coming-of-age stories of Cory Matthews, played by Ben Savage. Ward joined the cast as Rachel McGuire in the sixth season and appeared throughout the seventh and final installment. Following the sitcom, she appeared in Boston Public and Rules of Engagement, as well as the Wayans Brothers film White Chicks.

Eventually, she transitioned to cosplaying, which ended up leading her to adult entertainment. Despite how supportive her former castmates are, she did admit that there's one person she'd never share details of her job with, Mr. Feeny actor William Daniels. "Now, see, I won’t talk to Mr. Feeny about it," added Ward.