'SNL': Pete Davidson Finally Returns for First Appearance of the Season

Pete Davidson finally returned to Saturday Night Live this weekend — two weeks later than the rest of the cast. Davidson has been missing from the first couple of episodes of SNL, but now he is back with all of his self-deprecating humor intact.

Davidson returned to the SNL stage right at the beginning of the episode this week in host David Harbour's monologue sketch. As Harbour explored an SNL studio verison of the Upside Down from Stranger Things, he encountered cast members in mysterious settings, including Davidson who was just enjoying the eerie scenery.

"Wait, no, it can't be! Pete Davidson?!" he said. "Is there where you've been? In The Upside Down?"

"What up?" Davidson replied, nonplussed. "Yeah dude, it's lit, right?"

Harbour was more put off my Davidson's casual reaction to the horror setting than anything else. He asked Davidson to "come back" to the real world and "do the show tonight."

"Eh, maybe," the comedian replied.

The two also touched on the uncertain fate of Harbour's character, Officer Jim Hopper, who ended Stranger Things Season 3 under mysterious circumstances. Fans have been dying to know what will become of Hopper, but Netflix is jealously guarding those details until Season 4.

"Hey, didn't you, like, die in here at the end of the show? Are you dead, or...?" Davidson asked.

Harbour stuttered, saying he is "not exactly authorized—" before finally spitting out: "Just watch the show, you'll find out." He looked at the camera as he finished this dialogue, hinting that he was talking directly to the audience.

Davidson has presumably been missing from SNL to work on a movie franchise that Harbour knows well: The Suicide Squad. Harbor played Dexter Tolliver, a nervous military expert in the Pentagon who supported the Task Force X project.

From the sound of it, that 2016 iteration of the team is all but defunct, and Harbour is not listed on the returning actors. Instead, director James Gunn is re-imagining the franchise with an almost entirely new cast, under the name The Suicide Squad.


Davidson is a part of that team, as he discussed later on in the night. On the season premiere of SNL, he was spotted hanging out with Gunn and the cast at an exclusive screening of Joker. Now, it looks like he will be back where he made his start, on the SNL stage.

Saturday Night Live airs every weekend at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.