Scotty McCreery on Being Married: 'It's the Biggest Joy of My Life'


Scotty McCreery on Being Married: 'It's the Biggest Joy of My Life'

'Vice News Tonight' Canceled at HBO

It's been announced that current events series Vice News Tonight has been officially canceled at HBO.

According to THR, the show will still run through September, until Vice's contract with the premium cable network is up.

The move comes as Vice news chief Josh Tyrangiel exits the company and former New York Post publisher Jesse Angelo steps in to take over Vice's news, digital and television divisions.

“Jesse is joining us to create expanded platform opportunities and franchises for all our great talent and the content we are making every day,” Vice News, CEO Nancy Dubuc said in a statement.

Fans and followers of the news show have begun to take to social media to share their support of Vice News Tonight, as well as their disappointment that it is ending at HBO.

"Heartbroken to hear that HBO is cancelling [Vice News], IMHO best news report on television, and certainly the most innovative. Hoping for the best for [Arielle Duhaime-Ross], [Allison McCann] and the whole team. They are way too talented not to find something great to do next," journalist Dan Fagin tweeted.

"It was only a matter of time before vice news tonight got cancelled. The reporting was so far above what you’d expect from tv news you just had the feeling they weren’t gona last. RIP," someone else wrote.

"I am constantly impressed by the brilliant, empathetic journalists who make Vice News Tonight. They pour their whole selves into their work and it will be a huge loss if the show doesn't go on somehow," Vice journalist Carter Sherman said.


"I learned about the cancelation of our show VICE News Tonight this morning while out in Seattle on a shoot. I’m still processing the news—we all are—what it means for me and all the immensely talented, driven, and deeply compassionate ppl I‘ve been privileged to work with here," Vice new correspondent Roberto Ferdman added.

It appears that there may be plans in the works for Vice News Tonight to continue in some capacity, but no official details have been shared at this time.