'Mayans M.C.' Reveals How EZ and Angel's Mom Died

Mayans M.C. uncovered a dark memory from EZ's past during the latest episode of the Sons of Anarchy spinoff series.

Spoilers ahead for Mayans M.C. episode 2.

As EZ (JD Pardo) helped Coco's daughter with a difficult situation she got herself into, but the moment made him relive the moment when his mother was killed eight years in the past.

Coco's daughter tells EZ that she needs help, and she reveals some bruises left by a truck driver that she ended up killing. EZ decides to take the body back to the truck stop and stage the body so it looks like he was robbed.

When they arrive, they get out of the car and EZ is distracted by a mini van passing by that had a sticker of a local school wildcat mascot.

The show then flashes back to eight years before, an EZ is pulling up to his family's store in his truck. As he arrives a green car speeds away at full speed, squealing its tires. The car has the same sticker.

He sees that the door of the store is busted open.

"Sh—," he says as he runs into the store.

"Hey Mom, Pop?" He asks as he looks around, when he finds a woman's body lying on the floor with a pool of blood around her head.

EZ then is seen running frantically toward the body, as he yells "Mom" several times. The flashback ends as he screams for help over and over, leaving us with the question of why.

Fans of the series were left shaken after the violent revelation.

"Oh my God, EZ is the one that found his mom," one user wrote.

"Omg oh EZ that's how his mom died geez," another user commented.

While no context was given as to what might have led to his mother's death, it could be safe to assume that either M.C. business — if Angel (Clayton Cardenas) was already a member — or maybe Felipe's (Edward James Olmos) past might have led to the tragic death.

Another flashback later found EZ chasing the green car, but wrecking before he could catch up to them.

As the mystery of EZ's past unfolds, the Mayans will be dealing with a new formidable adversary in the former of former Sons of Anarchy villain Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon) who hocked fans with his arrival during the episode's final moments.

As the Assistant US Attorney fixated on bringing down the Galindo cartel, and already some indication he might come after EZ because of his deal with the DEA, we can bet Lincoln will bring in even more problems for the Mayans.


Mayans M.C. airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on FX.

Photo Credit: FX / Prashant Gupta