'NCIS: New Orleans': Pride Gets Gunned Down During Season Finale Cliffhanger

NCIS: New Orleans ended its fourth season with Dwayne "King" Cassius Pride (Scott Bakula) getting gunned down at a party.

The two-part episode had focused on the NCIS team trying to clear Pride's name after conspirators set him up for various crimes. After foiling an assassination attempt on the mayor of New Orleans, the crew enjoyed a much deserved break in honor of all charges against Pride being dropped.

The crew celebrates with a party, with Pride temporarily dismissing himself to change clothes upstairs. Agent Christopher LaSalle (Lucas Black) enters moments after Pride exits and informs his team that he was to go to Alabama and look into some family matters. However, he hoped to tell Pride goodbye before he departed.

However, he did not get the chance.

As Pride gets some fresh air on he balcony, an unknown woman slips into his room. As he returns indoors she shoots him several times.

All the shots appear to strike his torso and chest. The shooter, a white female dressed in dark clothing, flees the scene.

Pride is last shown lying on his back, bleeding out. His condition is unknown, as the episode ends there.

Bakula has not yet posted on social media about the potentially deadly ending of season 4. His last message was a video encouraging his fans to watch the night's "huge" episode.

Fans scared they will not closure will be relieved to know that the NCIS: New Orleans has already been renewed for its fifth season. It is expected to return to CBS some time in the fall season.

Many viewers took to Twitter to rightfully freak out about the cliffhanger.

"I sure didn't see that coming," one viewer wrote. "Scott Bakula, what an ending."

Many were also over all excited for whatever comes next for the CBS crime drama.

"Well that was a good wrap to a great season, but Pride better be ok next season, and I hope LaSalle gets everything figured out at home," fan Mari Logan added.


NCIS: New Orleans airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

Photo Credit: CBS / Skip Bolen