'Timeless' Ends on Huge Cliffhanger Despite Still Waiting for Season 3 Renewal

The science fiction series Timeless was saved back in May 2017 after a loud outcry from fans convinced NBC to give the show a second season.

Now that the show is once again on the bubble for Season 3, it appears the showrunners are trying to stir up fan support once again. The time travel show wrapped its sophomore season with a two-hour finale on Sunday evening, leaving the story on a massive cliffhanger.

The back-to-back episodes started with Wyatt (Matt Lanter), Rufus (Malcolm Barrett), Lucy (Abigail Spencer) and Flynn (Goran Visnjic) in the Civil War searching for a spy working for the villainous group Rittenhouse with the aid of Harriet Tubman. The group then moved to 1800s Chinatown in San Francisco where the group pursues Wyatt's wife Jessia (Tonya Glanz) and her hostage Jiya (Claudi Doumit).

Once they reunite with Jiya, its quickly revealed that her premonition of Rufus dying was meant to take place in San Francisco. Rufus escapes the area the vision originally had him dying in, only for him to get shot by Rittenhouse's Emma (Annie Wersching). The four remaining survivors return to the present only to see a more advanced version of their time machine, The Lifeboat, appear as well.

Just before credits role, different versions of Lucy and Wyatt appear tell the group to hop aboard, as they claim to have a way to save Rufus.

Timeless and the new Mindy Kaling comedy Champions are the only remaining shows still on the bubble at NBC. Shows that wound up on the chopping block at the network included The Night Shift, Great News, Shades of Blue, Law & Order: True Crime, The Brave and Taken.

"We're hopeful yet realistic," NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt told The Hollywood Reporter on Sunday.


On the subject of shows being revived due to fan support, NBC delighted fans of the Fox comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Saturday by ordering a sixth season just two days after it had been cancelled.

"It's a show very close to us," Greenblatt said on Sunday. "We've been watching it closely ever since. If I knew Andy Samberg was going to be cast, we would have never sold it to Fox. We thought it was a missed opportunity from the beginning. And we think it fits into our brand of comedy in many ways better than it ever fit in the Fox brand of comedy."