'Married at First Sight' Wife Amber Reveals Doubts About Her Marriage in Exclusive Clip


'Married at First Sight' Wife Amber Reveals Doubts About Her Marriage in Exclusive Clip

'9-1-1': Bobby's Health Scare Leads to Game-Changing Diagnosis

A blood drive led to a terrifying health scare for one of 9-1-1's first responders.

After confessing his fear of needles to his fellow firefighters, Bobby (Peter Krause reluctantly agrees to donate blood as part of the drive.

Later, he receives a message from the hospital saying they tested his blood and they must discuss something with him in person.

Having a history of drug addiction, Bobby assumes the worst and stops by the church to talk to a priest, confessing that if he is truly sick he might never be able to pay for the 148 people he killed when he set his building on fire, also killing his family.

At the hospital, the doctor gives him the results. The doctor mentions Rhesus Disease, a deadly disease that kills thousands of babies every year.

Turns out, Bobby's blood contains the antibodies that can cure the disease, which could save the lives of millions of babies.

"Well dude, looks like you'll have to get over your fear of needles," Chimney (Kenneth Choi) says to Bobby as he laughs.

Later Bobby breaks down at the firehouse after Chimney tries to make him feel good about being able to save people.

"Someone just told you you can help save thousands, maybe millions kids," Chimney says.

"They're the wrong kids!" Bobby yells. "I want my kids."

Bobby says he couldn't save his family or the 148 people that lost their lives because of his mistakes.

He reveals that he made a deal with God that he would repay the lives he killed so he could then end his life and be with his family, but now that he has this blood that could save millions the pain will never end.

"God is not punishing by killing me, he's doing it by making me stay on Earth," Bobby says before he walks away.


Fans were heartbroken by Bobby's depressing circumstances, most of them hoping the first responder seeks the help he needs.

9-1-1 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Fox.