'This Is Us' Introducing Three New Characters During Season Finale

As This Is Us season two comes to a close on Tuesday, the series will add three new characters to its growing family.

The additions come at a time when the NBC show’s cast is continually expanding and will appear following the penultimate episode in which Deja (Lyric Ross), a minor character, became a major focus. It’s no longer about The Big Three plus Jack and Rebecca, so it’s a perfect time to bring on three new dynamic characters.

The finale will show Kate Pearson (Chrissy Metz) and Toby (Chris Sullivan) surrounded by family and friends during their wedding, and that gathering will introduce Toby’s parents to the audience, as well as someone from Beth’s (Susan Kelechi Watson) extended family.

"We are throwing everyone together up at the family cabin for a very, very big celebratory occasion," co-showrunner Isaac Aptaker told The Hollywood Reporter.

"We're going to get to meet Toby's parents for the first time, which we're very excited about, and it's something we've wanted to do for quite a while on the show, and this felt like the perfect reason,” he continued. “We're also going to get to meet a member of Beth's extended family, which is something people always ask about. They're always like, 'I want to meet her mom, I want to meet one of her sisters, I want to meet somebody,' so we are finally going to meet another person from Beth's world at the wedding."

It is unclear who from Kate’s sister-in-law’s family will appear or why they would be present for her big day, but Aptaker seemed optimistic that we would see the new character — and Toby’s parents — again in season three.

"We cast some pretty in-demand actors, so it's always a bit of a matter of scheduling, but yes, we cast Beth's family member and then Toby's parents," Aptaker said of the castings, which are being kept under wraps. "We love all three of them, so I certainly hope [we'll see them again]."

This Is Us has not yet revealed much about either Toby or Beth's families, but Toby previously mentioned that his mother is a devout Catholic when he decided not to tell her about Kate's pregnancy or miscarriage. And at his bachelor party in "Vegas, Baby," he told Kevin (Justin Harley) and Randall (Sterling K. Brown) that he has a brother 10 years younger than him with whom he's not very close.

As for Beth, she comes from a large Jamaican family and has three sisters — so the person who appears in the finale could be almost any relation.


The drama also teased the return of Kate's deceased father Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) at her wedding, but the details of his appearance have also been kept under wraps.

Tune into the This Is Us season two finale to learn about the surprise guest castings. The show will air Tuesday, March 13, at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.