Oscars 2018: Armie Hammer Breaks out a Hot Dog Cannon

The 90th Academy Awards took a break from handing out awards midway through the show on Sunday as Jimmy Kimmel, Gal Gadot, Mark Hamill and Guillermo Del Toro led a group of actors and directors out of the Dolby Theatre.

The group walked across the street in Los Angeles to a different theater where an unsuspecting audience thought they were seeing a sneak peek of the upcoming film A Wrinkle In Time. But once Kimmel and Gadot entered the theater the lights immediately went up and the audience realized they were live on national television.

The actors all began handing out snacks to the moviegoers, but one man quickly stood out. Armie Hammer, star of the Oscar-nominated film Call Me Be Your Name, broke out a giant hot dog cannon and started firing delicious hot dogs into the crowd.

Hammer's stunt quickly turned into a laugh riot on Twitter.

"I am weirdly here for armie hammer wielding a hot dog cannon," James McKenna wrote.

"This bit proves Armie Hammer is at his best when handling wieners," Mark Ellis joked.


"Omg can you imagine being stoned in a movie theater and suddenly the lights come on, Armie Hammer walks in and throws a giant hot dog at your face," Robbie Couch wrote, pointing out how Kimmel mentioned he smelled pot when he walked into the theater.

"If I were baked out of my mind watching A Wrinkle in Time and Armie Hammer came in and shot a hot dog at me I'd think I had died," Twitter account Super Deluxe wrote.