'Saturday Night Live' Parodies Hollywood Sexual Harassment Scandals With The Grabbies

During Saturday's new Saturday Night Live episode, the writers parodied the Hollywood sexual harassment scandals with "The Grabbies," which celebrates the worst behavior in Hollywood. The sketch featured Cecily Strong and Beck Bennett as red carpet anchors. Host Charles Barkley made an appearance in the sketch.

The sketch featured Alex Moffat as an actor nominated for "Handsiest Actor" for failing to keep his hands away from female co-stars and showing his penis to an intern and asking, "Any ideas?" Pete Davidson played an actor up for "Most Open Robe." Kenan Thompson was an actor receiving the "Cecil B. Molestin'" Lifetime Achievement Award, and he came to the show with a prostitute.

Barkley played an actor up for "Best Non Apology." He wore "Time's Up" and "I'm With Herpes" pins.

The sketch did have some critics.

Although Barkley is no comedian or actor, the NBA legend and broadcaster is making his fourth appearance on the show. He made his debut in 1993, with musical guest Nirvana. He waited until 2010 to come back, with Alicia Keys as the musical performer. In 2012, he hosted again, this time with Kelly Clarkson.

Barkley is often the target of Saturday Night Live parodies, with Kenan Thompson playing him in Weekend Update skits. In a 2008 episode, Barkley even played Sir Charles as the host of The Charles Barkley Show.


This is also the first episode of Saturday Night Live since Feb. 3, when Natalie Portman stopped by with singer Dua Lipa.

Photo Credit: NBC