Social Media Wonders Why Ryan Seacrest Is Still Hosting Oscars Red Carpet Show

Despite recent allegations of sexual misconduct coming out against him, television personality Ryan Seacrest was still selected to be the host of the E! Network's Oscars Red Carpet Show.

Fans who were watching along with the show were outraged to see Seacrest still be on television in light of the recent Time's Up anti-sexual harassment movement gaining popularity in Hollywood.

"Why is Ryan Seacrest still on TV? I'm confused" a Twitter user wrote.

"Really Seacrest asking about her shoes was that your passive aggressive dig after you were accused of pushing your assistants head in your crotch??? " Chrissie Boston asked, recalling Hardy's accusations.

"If people weren't even nominated for Oscar's due to sexual allegations this year and we are speaking out with the #TimesUp movement," another wrote, tagging the E! News twitter handle. "Why do we have Ryan Seacrest still? That's absolutely hypocritical and double standarded (sic). I hope the actors put him in his place."

"Hey [The Academy] Ryan Seacrest is a sexual predator & talk are so SO [Oscars So White] that there is no way I'm watching your garbage show. Do better," Emily Schmidt tweeted.

"They're shunning Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet because they want the person who asks them questions about their clothes and nothing else to be someone who respects women," Eric D. Snider tweeted.


"I am avoiding Ryan Seacrest by watching the People Magazine live stream. I actually like it because they show fashion while they talk," Tracey Michienzi wrote.

The 90th Academy Awards ceremony begins at 8 p.m. ET at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, California. Late night host Jimmy Kimmel will host the event for the second year in a row.