Social Media Taunts Tom Brady for Pre-Super Bowl LII Outfit

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is no stranger to appearing in the Super Bowl. But his fashion choice for arriving at Sunday's Super Bowl LII at the U.S. Bank Stadium set him up for some social media grief.

Brady arrived wearing a light grey trenchcoat, which people quickly compared to Inspector Gadget, someone from the Little Rascals or a James Bond villian.

"*Very obviously a kid in a trench coat* 'Hi, I’m grown up athlete and husband of Gisele Bundchen Tom Brady.'" Ronan Farrow tweeted.

"Tom Brady is about to take off his coat, pick up a crowbar, and go toe-to-toe with James Bond on a gantry in an ICBM silo," Damien Counsell tweeted.

"Trench Coat Tom Brady is the final form of Tom Brady," Cameron Wadley wrote. "Dude looks like Bob Dylan with a sprinkle of manslaughter."

"Many [Thunder] players are blaming today's loss to the [Lakers] on the fact that Russell Westbrook was "up all night" picking Tom Brady's outfit for the Superbowl. 'I told him to go shirtless under the coat' Russ told us, 'but he wouldn't listen'" parody Twitter account NBA Bad Takes joked.

"Tom Brady walking in wearing that trench coat & shades like he’s head of the new Matrix Illuminati movement..." Dan Mangosa wrote.