'Grey's Anatomy' Fans Lose Their Minds During Miranda Bailey Health Scare

Miranda Bailey had a heart attack during tonight's Grey's Anatomy.

The hour shone a spotlight on how cardiac symptoms present themselves differently in women as they do on men, and it also sent fans on a frenzy afraid for one of their favorite character's lives.

To make matters worse, flashbacks highlighted some of Miranda Bailey's (Chandra Wilson) better moments from the series, including scenes with fallen characters from the show like George (T.R Knight) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey), leading fans on Twitter to believe Miranda would face a similar fate before the hour was done.

Despite her knowledge as a surgeon, Bailey was ignored by doctors of Seattle Presbyterian hospital who thought she was just stressed from Ben's decision to become a firefighter.

Luckily, Miranda enlisted cardiac surgeon Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) to supervise the surgeons at the other hospital to help Miranda.

After the surgery, Maggie told Miranda she would "be back to bossing us around in no time." Near the end of the episode Miranda finally came to terms with Ben's decision and finally accepted that he's changing careers to do something he loves.

Her only condition? He has to build her a treehouse where she can read books in peace.

Fans on Twitter celebrated that their favorite cast member survived her health scare, and also sent some words to Shonda Rhimes for making them go through such a stressful hour.