'The Good Doctor' Spoilers: Shaun Survives Robbery at Gunpoint

In tonight's episode of The Good Doctor, Shaun (Freddie Highmore) was in a grocery store during a robbery. He needed to get an apple after Lea (Paige Spara) ate his.

One of the other people at the grocery store blamed Shaun for not following the robber's orders. Shaun and the other doctors have to save two people who were shot during the robbery, including the robber himself.

Claire Brown (Antonia Thomas) was sent out of surgery because she wondered how they could save such a terrible man. He also turned out to be a white supremacist with a Nazi tattoo. Throughout the episode, Claire struggles to follow Dr. Lim's (Christina Chang) orders to keep track of him.

During the operation on the shooting victim, they had to remove the spleen. We got to see Shaun successfully perform the operation, complete with emotional piano music. Neil Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez) fully supported Shaun during the operation, which gained him some new fans.

The shooting was shown in a flashback, as Aaron (Richard Schiff) asked Shaun if he was OK. During the shooting, the gunman actually paused for a moment and was stunned to realize he shot the woman. The shop owner then hit the gunman in the head with a bat. After the shooting, Shaun had to talk with Dr. Park (Lucia Walters) about his experience.

Park tells Aaron that she needs more time with Shaun if he thinks more can be done to help him. But Shaun continues doing his best to help the gunshot victim.

The gunshot victim's organs started failing, causing her legs to flare up. Her boyfriend hovered over the procedures like a hawk, insisting that Shaun stay away from the patient. Melendez came in and helped get the patient stabilized.

Later on, Aaron talked Shaun through the shooting, helping him understand that he may have really been a little at fault for the shooting. Aaron took partial blame for it, realizing that he hasn't done enough to help. Aaron tells Shaun he needs guidance, and not just from him. Rather than responding, Shaun avoids the situation by running off to help the patient.

In her room, the man who was with the victim tried to take the blame. They were on a first date. But as Shaun was talking, the patient began to die. They needed to operate again, and, thankfully, they saved her. Jared (Chuku Modu) was right, and Shaun admitted it.

Amazingly, the ordeal brought the shooting victim and her date closer together.

Meanwhile, Claire was rushing to save the gunman after seeing his neck flare-up. He was dying and couldn't breathe. This was the symptom of the procedure they performed, which was why Claire needed to keep watch on him at all times. She saved his life, even if she didn't want to. Claire apologized to Dr. Lim for publicly questioning her orders.

At the very end of the episode, Shaun apologized to Lea, but she didn't accept. She admitted to being a little careless and gave him an apple. Shaun then knocked on her door to admit he made a mistake. He realized that she was the person he should talk to about his troubles.

Photo Credit: ABC / Jack Rowand