Kevin's Addiction Hits Rock Bottom on 'This Is Us'

This Is Us took a deep dive into Kevin Pearson's (Justin Hartley) life and addiction on Tuesday night with Kevin sinking to an all new low.

Pearson has been addicted to painkillers in the last few weeks after suffering an injury on the set of a film. His addiction has gotten far out of hand, resulting in his everyday behavior being altered and leading to a breakup with Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge).

In this week's episode, entitled "Number One," Kevin comes back home to accept an award at his former high school. He runs out of painkillers and results to wandering around and drinking wine.

His actions lead to him having a one night stand with one of his former classmates, plastic surgeon Charlotte Everly (Stefanie Black). While at Charlotte's home, he rummages through her medicine cabinet. He then steals a sheet from one of her prescription pads.

This is a rock bottom moment for Kevin, who then forges Charlotte's prescription and heads to a local pharmacy.

He ends up leaving the pharmacy before receiving the pills, but it's unclear whether or not this will be a moment of clarity for Kevin.

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.

Photo Credit: NBC / Ron Batzdorff