Social Media Confused by Yoga Pants Built for Carrying Guns and Knives

A yoga pants design that features large pockets for carrying guns and knives has social media users confused.

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(Photo: Instagram / @alexoathletica)

Alexo Athletica's "signature pant" allows yogis to "carry with confidence" by featuring large pockets which, along with a cellphone, they show on their website being used to carry guns and knives.

The marketing of the pants has many social media users halting their downward dog to instead scratch their heads in confusion, many unable to help but point out the irony of concealing a weapon while doing yoga, a practice known for meditation and relaxation.

"WTF. Don't turn Yoga [pants] into something related to gun toting. It's literally the opposite of what yoga is about. Yoga pants are for Yoga. [Or any other time that you want to be comfortable and awesome.]," one person commented.

"I don't want to downplay the ridiculousness of this merchandising, but can we please talk about yoga pants with pockets large enough to fit my phone? And my wallet. And maybe snacks," wrote another.

While many are confused by the pants, Alexo Athletica's commercial for the "most versatile line on the market," has them even more confused.

"All things consider, fake or not, did they really think it was a good idea to shoot at a child?" one person commented.

"It's just terrible marketing... they should fire whoever wrote this commercial. There isn't even a need to bring guns into this. Put a cellphone and keys in the pockets and you'd have an instant hit," wrote another.

The yoga pants, which sell at a retail price of $99, are described on the website as "With nine pockets, these versatile high-rise quality leggings were designed to hold all your essentials that make you carry with confidence."

While they've drawn plenty of criticism and mixed reviews online, they've gained support from conservative pundit and Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren, who took to Instagram to post a picture of herself sporting the yoga pants with a gun in one of the pockets.

(Photo: Instagram / @tomilahren)

"Live. Speak. Stand. Run. Carry with Confidence. Ladies, chances are your assailant is gonna be bigger, stronger and faster and that's why you have @alexoathletica for your gun, your mace, or even your phone. Yeah, you've got it covered," she captioned the image.