Woman Claims Video Shows UFO Flying Over New York City

A new video has the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena community scratching their heads.

A new alleged UFO video has the internet in an uproar this week, but so far there aren't a lot of satisfying explanations. A woman named Michelle Reyes caught a strange object on camera as her flight was landing at LaGuardia Airport in New York City. She told reporters from NewsNation that she has not heard back from the Federal Aviation Administration, and other experts are at a loss as well.

Reyes said she was filming the NYC skyline from her plane window when she caught this odd blur on camera. At first, she wondered if it might be a bug or a bit of debris on her window or on her camera lens, but closer inspection seems to rule that out. The perspective of the object places it in the sky over the city, and it is only visible for a split second as it zips through the sky. While Reyes was moving within the plane, the object seemed to be moving in the opposite direction.

Reyes said that the first thing she did with the video was email it to the FAA, but she said she hasn't heard back from them at all yet. She then sent it to two UAP research organizations – Enigma Labs and the National UFO Database. Finally, Reyes sent it to her father, a former member of the U.S. Navy, hoping he could make some sense of it. He said that his only guess was that it was a drone, but if so, it was flying dangerously close to her airplane.

NewsNation invited UFO investigator Ben Hansen on the air to discuss this video as well. Hansen hosts the Discovery+ series UFO Witness, and he said that this video passed all the preliminary tests he normally conducts to weed out hoaxes. With that out of the way, he added some context – that the plane was likely moving at around 200 miles per hour, and that the UFO was only visible for about one seventh of a second.

So far, there's nothing more to report about Reyes' video besides popular speculation. This likely won't be the video to persuade any skeptics nor to disenfranchise any believers – at least, not until there is more evidence to support one theory or the other. However, attitudes about UFO activity are evolving more and more quickly every day.