Website Under Fire for Plus-Size Tights Advertising Strategy

Online shopping website is under fire for the way it advertised plus-size tights.

Rather than show the tights being worn by plus-sized models, the photos show a single, slim model wearing them over her body. One photo shows a model sliding her entire body into one leg. sells products directly from the manufacturers in China, keeping prices low. The plus-size tights are only $2 or $3 each, with a suggested retail cost of $23.

Forbes reported in September that is worth $8.5 billion, more than Sears, Macy's and JC Penney combined. The company was founded by Peter Szulczewski, a former Google software engineer, in 2010.

While many consumers are taking advantage of's cheap prices, social media was stunned by the plus-size tights advertisements. The company still has the photos up.


Here are some of the responses to the ads. The company hasn't issued a statement yet.

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