Wild New Skincare Trend Calls for Recycling Urine

(Photo: Getty/UniversalImagesGroup)

The search for the fountain of youth has long captured the imagination of humans and it sometimes seems there are no lengths people won't go to for youthful beauty, but with this latest beauty trend we might have finally found our limit.

The newest skincare craze is "urine therapy," which, as its name implies, involves using urine to treat skin.

According to Brit+Co, the fountain of youth has been an ordinary toilet all along.

Urine therapy uses your own urine, preferably the first of the day, as a sort of all-in-one skincare agent. It's supposed to help clear up acne, rashes and dry skin. It might even be able to help fight colds and allergies.

Lathering your skin in urine may seem like a horrible idea to many, but hey, at least it's free.

If that's not a good enough argument to get you to collect your own pee to splash on your body, keep in mind urine is supposedly sterile and cleaner then distilled water.

Still not convinced? Yeah, neither are we.

If this new beauty trend has piqued your interest you'll be happy to hear what's coming next. If you're thoroughly disgusted, then this may be hard to hear.

You may already be using one of the main components of urine in your existing beauty routine.


Dr. Rachel Nazarian, a dermatologist who is somewhat of an expert on urine therapy, revealed to Marie Claire, “We already use urea, a component of urine, in a lot of skincare products. Urine is essentially mostly water — but a small percentage is urea.”

Any brave Womanistas out there who will be trying this trend?