Who Is Hosting Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve Following Jenny McCarthy's Exit?

With Jenny McCarthy stepping away from her hosting duties on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve [...]

With Jenny McCarthy stepping away from her hosting duties on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve for the first time in a decade, the show needed to find a new name to step in with Ryan Seacrest during the broadcast.

With the show kicking off in primetime, the need for a recognizable host was likely high. That's why the production went with Pretty Little Liars alum Lucy Hale to replace McCarthy.

This is far from Hale's first time hosting a major show. She co-hosted the Teen Choice Awards alongside YouTube star David Dobrik, who also kicked her in the hand mid-show and inspired some humorous takes online.

None of that seems in the cards for Hale this time around, with the actress celebrating her co-host role on Instagram.

She was also open about her own goals in the new year during a chat with Us Weekly. Apart from not settling for bad coffee in 2020, Hale is also ready for romance.

"I'm always open to finding love, you know? Where is it? Where is he? We'll find him," Hale told Us Weekly Monday. "I think what I meant by that is so often, we settle. And I think it's like the year of not settling for things that aren't beneficial for us."

Hale also listed a few of her other goals for 2020 on Instagram before Christmas.

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"Dear 2020- less plastic-more healthy boundaries-accepting love we DO deserve-dismissing thoughts/people/habits that don't serve us-more water (!!!)-ok more coffee too-new leaders who radiate goodness and positive change-less online bullying-more cowbell- and lots of peace love and kindness," Hale wrote in the comment for the post. "Oh and may my brows stay bold. Love, Lucy"

As for Hale's co-host, Us Weekly adds that Seacrest has no need to look for love on New Year's this year. He's going to have his girlfriend Shayna Taylor by his side.

"Shayna [Taylor] will be with me, so she will [be my kiss]," Seacrest told the outlet. "Or Post Malone. I don't know. It could go either way … It depends who's closest, I guess."

Seacrest also provided some words of encouragement to Hale heading into the big event according to Us Weekly.

"The thing is, people are mostly drinking while watching us so we don't have to be perfect," Seacrest explained to Us Weekly Monday. "Just, like, smile and be halfway decent."

Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve With Ryan Seacrest 2020 airs live on ABC Tuesday, Dec. 31 beginning at 8 p.m. ET through 1:40 a.m. ET.