Weed Wish: Marijuana Advocates Build 100-Foot-Long Joint and Hope to Smoke It

On Saturday, stoners found their heaven at Worcester, Massachusetts. There, marijuana enthusiasts put together a 100-foot-long joint at the Harvest Cup.

"First thought is, when do we get to smoke it? That thing is epic," Ali Kamran-Rad told CBS Boston.

"Honestly, I want to know who has lungs powerful enough to suck air all the way from that end, to this end," Patrick Breton said.

The epic joint was made by Beantown Greentown, a cannabis club in Boston. The owner, Andrew Mutty, told CBS Boston that he thinks it should be counted in the Guinness Book of World Records.

"I mean, have you seen one longer?" he asked.

Guinness doesn't have a record for the longest joint. However, there is a record for the world's largest joint, which was set by Tony Greenhand. He rolled a 4.20 lb joint (of course), which me made to look like a watermelon.

"Just all of us one day, sitting around, being inebriated and someone said, 'what is the world record for the longest joint?' And the situation evolved into a little bit of research and looking online and there was a one pound joint we found, but no one did it in a continuous length," Mutty told The Boston Herald. "So we thought, let's set the bar kind of high and see if anyone else wants to try and break a record."

The joint was filled with 1,000 grams of Beantown Greentown's own marijuana. They unveiled it at 4:20 p.m. Saturday.


In Nov. 2016, possession and consumption of marijuana was legalized in the Bay State. The retail sale of cannabis will start on July 1.

Photo credit: Instagram / Beantown Greentown