We’re Stealing Supermodel Karlie Kloss’ 6 Fittest Habits ASAP

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When she's not killing it on the runway or hanging with bestie Taylor Swift, Karlie Kloss can be found cooking vegan cookies or spending time heading up Kode With Klossy, a coding scholarship program for young women. As if that's not impressive enough, the 24-year-old is seriously invested in her healthy lifestyle. Check out these practices she lives by (and we could all learn from).

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She eats clean. "I love eating fresh fruit, vegetables, and clean protein, like a fresh piece of fish, cod or salmon with some vegetables on the side. I enjoy trying out new sauces and spices to add extra flavor," she told Vogue. "I like to keep it light at lunchtime because I prefer having a big hearty breakfast and I am always snacking throughout the day."

She's active. What better way to stay fit on the road than by bringing your running shoes everywhere you go? "I travel so much, so what I love doing is that I bring my tennis shoes with me to every city that I go to and just go for a run—whether I’m in Paris or Barcelona or even New York," the world traveler told InStyle.


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She listens to her body. Paying attention to how certain foods make you feel is key to finding a healthy balance. Staying active can certainly help in that department, but eating the right food sets it over the edge.

"I stopped eating Goldfish and Oreos and started eating kale salads and avocado toast," she told Self of her transition to clean eating. "It changed my energy. I realized, OK, how I eat affects how I feel."

She switches up her workouts. While Kloss is known for her love of boxing and running, her first athletic love was ballet. "The reason why I've had a career is because I can move," she told Self.

"I like to switch up my routine each day. I will either train with Justin Gelband, take a spinning class at SoulCycle, a ballet class at Ballet Beautiful, or a strength-training Pilates class at SLT," she told Vogue. "I am always trying new classes and techniques!"

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She goes on digital detoxes. While a literal detox is good to flush out toxins every once in a while, Kloss believes the same can be said for a digital detox. "I will totally shut off and not post Instagrams or answer my emails," she told Elle UK. "I think it's important to step away for a minute and actually reconnect with people and reconnect with yourself. We live at a very fast pace, and sometimes you can lose priorities and perspectives."


She knows balance is key. Like any responsible role model, Kloss uses her fame for good. "I kind of wear a lot of hats, and I don't want to just be one thing," Karlie said in an interview with Man Repeller's Leandra Medine. "With having a platform and having a voice comes a bit of responsibility. I use this job as my key to the world."

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