Wayfair Conspiracists Go After Ellen DeGeneres Over Partnership With Company

Ellen DeGeneres has become the latest target of conspiracy theorists who believe that Wayfair is a [...]

Ellen DeGeneres has become the latest target of conspiracy theorists who believe that Wayfair is a front for a child trafficking ring. The high-end retailer has been accused of using its more lavishly-priced item, and the talk show host's contributions to their catalog have raised some eyebrows.

As Health Nut News pointed out, a $10,000 throw pillow designed by DeGeneres has become the topic of the allegations. However, a search of the product showed the same pillow with a $99 price tag. As the store's website notes, the ED Ellen DeGeneres collection was launched in 2015 as a joint venture between her and Christopher Burch, the CEO of Burch Creative Capital. Wayfair has since removed the product images from its website and said it plans to rename the line in response.

The theory started to gain steam online after screenshots of several expensive products from the Wayfair site were shared. The allegations would stem from instances of a $99 shower curtain with a $9,999 curtain, which was presented as evidence. It's been linked to other wide-ranging conspiracy theories, including the Jeffrey Epstein scandal and Pizzagate, and even came with a digitally-edited commercial as "proof" of the allegations. It was debunked, however, as it turned out to be an altered FedEx commercial from 2018.

The host of The Ellen Degeneres Show isn't the only celebrity that's found themselves in the crosshairs of theorists. Some believe that Tom Hanks was involved in some way, primarily due to an Instagram photo he published in July 2016. His alleged involvement comes as part of the theory that claims that product SKUs can be used to find pictures of young girls on a Russian search engine, which is how Hanks is allegedly linked. This claim has also since been debunked.

A company spokesperson has previously responded to the allegations, telling Business Insider that there was "no truth" to the claims being spread about them. "The products in question are industrial grade cabinets that are accurately priced. Recognizing that the photos and descriptions provided by the supplier did not adequately explain the high price point, we have temporarily removed the products from the site to rename them and to provide a more in-depth description and photos that accurately depict the product to clarify the price point."