Watch Walmart Customer Completely Lose It Over Pickup Order Dispute

It is easy to let your frustrations get the better of you in the middle of a stressful situation. Toss in a pandemic, restrictions to daily life and uncertainty to build a ticking time bomb waiting for a spark. You also cannot ignore people relying on stimulus money from the government, rising unemployment numbers and supply chain disruptions to everyday items. And when it comes to retail, a piece of regular life that already had people frustrated, you're essentially counting down the moments.

That is where this gentleman comes into play at his local Walmart. Two employees are attempting to help him with his pick-up order and it seems that something has gone awry. What transpires is an explosion from the man that sends the Walmart employees stepping back as he pounds his fists into the trunk of his car. He then begins to shout into the female employee's face, telling them to go in and get him the rest of his order.


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He also manages to kick over the part of the order he has in front of him. That or he kicks someone else's order over onto the ground, which is actually worse. No matter what the truth is, the video has made the rounds on TikTok before landing on Reddit and going viral. The response on Reddit was not favorable for the man in the video, with some comparing his actions to one by a grown child.

"Maybe he should get off his a— and get his own shopping," one person wrote in the comment thread.

"It's true. But this behavior is unacceptable. That said, I feel like I'm on house arrest. I am losing my mind. I haven't been in the same room with someone I know since March 13th. I have crazy urges to run out on my patio and moon people. But I would Never throw a tantrum on grocery store workers," another wrote referencing the difficulty of the current pandemic guidelines and efforts.


"It seems like just another pathetic guy who takes out his anger on the only people he can," a third wrote.

While there is no excuse for his actions, his reaction is a prime example of just how stressful the current moment is for a lot of people. Any normal fault or mental illness is going to be amplified by being unable to leave the house or visit the grocery store with ease the same way we did three months ago.