2 Walmart Employees Stabbed at Illinois Location

Two Walmart employees located in Rockford, Illinois were stabbed while on the job. According to WREX, the injuries were non-life threatening and allegedly happened in the entryway of the store. However, according to the Rockford Scanner, there's potentially a third victim, but both sites are reporting that the Rockford Police Department have not released details. While this may be the case, there were witnesses who were willing to speak.

"I was in the store when it happened. There were 3 employees stabbed. One lady that was stabbed I seen holding her hand on her neck," one person told the Rockford Scanner. "A second I believe was stabbed somewhere in the chest. I was checking out at the self check out close to the pharmacy. I heard a female employee say, 'Stop that man he stabbed me.'"

A second witness said, "I was there when this all went down two employees were stabbed, I followed the suspect out in the parking lot while talking to police to make sure he was apprehended, he threw the two knives he shoplifted under a car. After about 5 minutes of him walking around trying to figure out what to do — still following him to make sure the cops knew where he was — the police did get him and put them in cuffs!"


Walmart has been making headlines in recent weeks for a number of reasons from their new store policies amid the coronavirus outbreak, to stores setting up testing areas in parking lots of the retail giant. "We currently have three sites open, and we have plans to expand testing to multiple sites next week with the goal of having more than 20 sites in more than 10 states by the end of the month," a spokesperson told Business Insider. "We have been learning a lot from our initial sites so that we can get the model right and are working hard to help expand testing in areas of need as quickly as possible. We remain committed to supporting government efforts to expand COVID-19 drive-thru testing during this critical time, and we are working closely with Quest Diagnostics, HHS, and several states to open sites in areas of need."

Since the outbreak, the store has implemented new rules to help keep their customers and employees safe. Last month, the corporation started limiting customers in their stores out of respect for social distancing. They've been keeping their store limit to 20 percent capacity, meaning only five customers are allowed in the store for every 1,000 square feet.