Watch: Disturbing Video Shows Person Being Struck by Lightning

A video captured by an Argentine mom shows her 12-year-old son narrowly escaping being struck by lightning.

The video shows the unidentified child in Posadas, Argentina, located in the north-eastern province of Misiones, standing under a roof drainpipe and holding an umbrella as water pours out onto him. As the boy walks away from the drainpipe and out into the backyard, a bolt of lightning strikes just inches away from where he is standing, causing a nearby fence to catch fire.

His mother, Carolina Kotur, shrieks in fear and drops her phone.

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"It was morning, I was with my daughter in the room calming her, because she is scared of lightning," Kotur told local media according to the Daily Mail. "Then the lady who works in my house told me that my son was walking in the rain and I started filming because I was making a joke, and right next to him the lightning struck. Thank God nothing happened to him."


Others were not as fortunate as the boy. Brothers Sinforiano Venialgo Vazquez , 43, and Simon Venialgo Vazquez, 41, were fatally electrocuted during the storm in the town of San Pedro del Parana, located 68 miles from here Kotur shot the video of her son. It has also been reported that animals were killed by lightning in the Santa Rosa area.