Watch: Military Son Surprises Mother at Nursing School Graduation

A military son gave his mother the surprise of a lifetime when he showed up at her nursing school [...]

A military son gave his mother the surprise of a lifetime when he showed up at her nursing school graduation in a reunion that will melt your heart.

Penny Pearson, 50, appeared on stage at her college to accept an honorary pin, entitling her as a graduate of their nursing program, when she suddenly spotted her son, Dustin Pearson, 29, joining her.

Pearson was under the impression her husband would be presenting her with the honorary pin, but it was Dustin who presented the honor himself with a hug.

"I couldn't even hear what [the presenter] was saying, I lost it," Pearson told Inside Edition. "He was my rock through all this, we missed him a lot."

Dustin is a sergeant in the military with deployment last year in both Kuwait and Iraq.

"We missed my 50th birthday together; we missed his birthday together; we missed [his son's] first birthday," she said. "There's a lot to make up for."

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When it came time for her graduation though from the 20-month long program, Dustin told her he wouldn't be able to return home for several more days, leaving Pearson extremely saddened as her son was her biggest supporter of returning to school.

"When I called him before graduation, I cried on the phone. It was a lot of emotion," she said. "He kept saying, 'You need to go back, mom. You aren't getting any younger,'" Penny said.

Of course while Pearson prepared for the big day without her son, Dustin had actually been home for several days and staying with other family members who helped him plan the big surprise.

"I raised some pretty darn good kids," she said.


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