Watch: FedEx Driver Sanitizes Package After Learning Child in Home Has Autoimmune Disease

The coronavirus pandemic has brought out the best and the worst in some Americans over the past month. Some of the major heroes are the retail, mail and delivery workers who are practically a life line for many who are self-quarantining during the outbreak.

This specific FedEx worker is the latest to hold the "hero" title, far different than other delivery drivers we've met so far from Amazon and elsewhere. The story comes from Florida and the delivery person at the center is being praised for attention to detail and thoughtfulness.

Justin Bradshaw was just doing a routine delivery according to WPTV News in West Palm Beach, Florida. Then he noticed a sign on the door of one particular house, warning that there is was a person indoors that suffered from an autoimmune disorder.

The sign was the work of Carrie Blasi and the reason behind it is her daughter Emma. She has type 1 diabetes and would be at risk with any exposure to COVID-19. So the family was taking every precaution to be safe, including setting up a camera at the front porch to see who has arrived.

Bradshaw can be seen in the video walking up to the door with the package, seeing the sign, and then returning to his vehicle to grab a disinfectant towel.

"I sanitized you(r) box once I've seen the note on your door," Bradshaw wrote on the package according to The Daily Dot. "Stay safe."

And as an added layer to the story, the package had medical supplies for Emma, leaving the family extra moved by the small gesture during this frightening time. Blasi posted photos of the box on Twitter along with a message, calling his actions "amazing."

Users who came upon the tweet weighed in with their own surprise and delight to the story, including the local news media who quickly sent out folks to cover the uplifting piece.

"This is precious! Not only was this an amazing act by this gentleman, but I, too, have an autoimmune disorder and this made me aware of putting a sign on the door. Thank you!" a user pointed out on social media.

According to The Daily Dot, the CBS affiliate in West Palm Beach had an online interview with the Blasi family and Bradshaw, who appeared alongside his own family. He explained that his own daughter's premature birth at 28 weeks was one of the main reasons the note caught his attention.


"When I saw the sign, the first thing I thought of was Nova because she was a micro-premie, and she's very high risk," Bradshaw said in the interview.

Blasi added that Bradshaw's act "made me forget" about the frightening developments and national effort against the virus since March.