Wal-Mart Closes for Christmas, Customers Flip Out

Wal-Mart locations around the country closed for Christmas, but many customers did not receive the memo.

Most of the retail giant's locations are known for being open 24/7 nearly every other day of the year, so it's not hard to see how people could have been confused.

Numerous customers of the chain arrived at locations and were turned away, and some shared their grievances to Twitter.

"When you need to go to Wal-Mart, but it's closed. The one time of the year!" one user wrote. "I need batteries and don't wanna pay out the ass for them at a gas station!"

Another added, "Has Wal-Mart gone insane?! It's closed, and I'm almost positive I have never seen it closed for holidays."


See some of the (somewhat explicit) responses below.