Ex-UFC Fighter Hospitalized After Train Accident

News recently broke that Matt Hughes, a Former UFC fighter, had to be airlifted to the hospital on Friday, after a vehicle he was riding in encountered a collision with a moving train.

According to Bleacher Report, Dana White, the president of the UFC, provided details of the incident, informing concerned parties, "Apparently he has head trauma. His family is traveling to him now."

Reportedly, police officials said that Hughes' accident happened near Hillsboro, Illinois.

The hospital he was taken to is in Springfield, Illinois.

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At this time, Hughes is said to be stable and likely to continue recovering.

The UFC sent out well wishes to Hughes after news of the accident broke:

Apparently, when he broke the news, Dana White wasn't actually aware of where the crash happened but he did say that he was told Hughes was helping a friend.

Hughes is a 43-year-old, former two-time UFC Welterweight champion who boasted a career MMA record of 45-9.

He last fought in September 2011 at UFC 135, in a fight that ended with him losing to Josh Koscheck by knockout.


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There are no other details available at this time, so there is no confirmation of exactly how the truck Hughes was in collided with a moving train, but it's lucky no one was killed.