Twitter Users Share Their Favorite Snow Day Traditions

Since the cold weather is here and it's currently snowing in parts of the U.S., Twitter users shared some of their favorite snow day traditions.

While traditions vary for plenty of users, some expressed how they like to take snow days as an opportunity to binge-watch their favorite show, with Netflix being one of their top snowed-in activities.

Another favorite activity: making sure you check off all the Christmas movies you haven't seen. With Hallmark Channel and Netflix now providing a full assortment of new movies, this task will never be accomplished.

Drinking is also a favorite activity of many, either coco or something stronger.

Star Wars fans might want to head out to see The Last Jedi or just stay inside and pretend they live on Hoth.


Curling up with a good book is also an option.

There's also this Floridian, who doesn't seem too happy that he doesn't get snow.