Turkey Dinner and Seasonal Candy Corn Flavors Arrive in Time for Halloween

Brach's has released a new round of candy corn flavors to ring In the holiday season. While that particular candy Is usually associated with Halloween, but the manufacturer Is clearly trying to make It a Thanksgiving treat as well. One flavor is a banana, blue raspberry, and vanilla concoction Inspired by the movie Minions. The other is a bit more unorthodox and mimics the flavors of a Thanksgiving dinner, featuring turkey, apple pie, green beans, coffee, cranberry sauce, and stuffing. 

While there are some people who were eager to try the ambitious treat, one woman's lengthy social media review about the candy went hilariously viral on Thursday. Heather Martin is a registered dietician, and she decided to "take one for the team" and try all of the flavors featured In the Thanksgiving dinner. Martin wrote that when the bag was opened, coffee was the predominant smell, but "this is a transparent and deliberate attempt to lull you into a false sense of security."

Martin had choice words for the stuffing candy corn in particular, calling it "an unrepentant violation of the Geneva Convention. Tastes like hate and sage. So much sage. It's ironic, because you'll need to burn sage to erase it from your psyche." However, her most eloquent take down was for the green bean flavor. "Friends, it is unforgivable," Martin explained. "If you left a cup of green tea on the porch in bad weather for a week, during which time it attained sentience and promptly began plotting your demise, and you hate green tea, that's what this tastes like. There's definitely some dirt in it, and…Is that a hint of dead leaf, or decomposing June beetle? You'll have the stabbing pains of deep regret for company as you work that one out."

Martin's words went viral on Twitter and Facebook, but Brach's is taking the "any publicity is good publicity" route. "We're the No.1 producer of candy corn and our Brach's brand is iconic for selling the classic since the 1950s," a Brach's representative told TODAY. "We're always innovating with trends, fun flavors and coming up with new ways to get consumers excited about the season and candy corn — which is known for being a hot topic for debate. As polarizing as it is, Turkey Dinner Candy Corn flew off Walgreens shelves quickly last year as we had so many who were curious to try this new flavor."