TRENDING: Kelly Rowland On Motherhood: If You Don't Have Stretch Marks, Cellulite, 'I Really Don't Like You'

Kelly Rowland, you can certainly be our "Motivation".

The 35-year-old singer opened up pretty candidly about the physical affects of motherhood in Allure magazine's "Pretty Powerful" video series, saying that giving birth challenged and changed the way she looked at her body.

Kelly Rowland her Son Titan for Parents Magazine
(Photo: Parents Magazine / Cris Craymer)

"I wish that someone would invent something to take away stretch marks and cellulite," Rowland said with a laugh, as seen in the nearly 4-minute clip below. "If you don't have stretch marks and cellulite after you had a baby, I really don't like you. It's just not fair."

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And for those of us who still aren't as comfortable as we'd like to be in our bodies, Rowland has some good news: She feels more confident than ever now, almost two years after giving birth to her son Titan Jewell Witherspoon, and a decade after Destiny's Child disbanded.

"When I made 30-something happen, I just felt this click of everything kind of falling into place, and really feeling comfortable in my skin ... feeling myself," she explained.

Check out Rowland's quiet, bosslike demeanor in the video below.


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Do you agree with Rowland's philosophy? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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