TRENDING: 9 Funniest Olympic Memes From The Twittersphere

If you're like us and in denial that the Olympic Games are drawing to a close, you can relive the best moments from Rio this year with this list of the funniest Olympic memes to emerge from 2016. Between #PhelpsFace and Usain Bolt's flashy grin, we can't choose a favorite.

1. #PhelpsFace:

We just can't get enough.

2. Baby #PhelpsFace:

3. We know he can swim, but...

4. When you know you're gonna win:


5. It's OK to laugh out loud at your desk.

6. When you can't contain your excitement on the podium:

P.S. We can't forget about this awesome moment from Fu Yuanhui!

7. Moms be like:

8. When cupping got deep.

P.S. Confused? Here's how he got those marks.

9. When swimmer Adam Peaty's grandma (#OlympicNan) broke the internet:


Which is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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