TikTok User Films Her Dog's Alleged Interaction With a Ghost 'Living' in Their Basement

A TikTok user has been leaving her followers disturbed by showing sharing videos of an alleged ghost hiding in her basement. In one clip earlier this month, she claimed her dog was "playing" with the ghost, whom she named Jerry. TikTok user Kimberly Rhoades has been sharing videos of Jerry in "action" since at least November when she discovered her paranormal friend "doing" the laundry.

Back on Feb. 2, Rhoades found her dog Daisy in her basement and believed she was "playing" with Jerry. The dog and ghost were laying with their toys, which were laying along the basement floor. Suddenly, the electronic Santa Claus Snoopy doll began moving on its own, which freaked Rhoades out. "Jerry, do you like playing with Daisy?" Rhoades asked the ghost. She then asked Jerry to "make a noise" with his favorite toy. There was a quick cut to the Snoopy doll moving on its own again. Daisy then looked at the doll, then up at Rhoades inquisitively. "All right, you two have fun," Rhoades said as she left the basement.


my dog and the ghost in my house are playing together!😨 ##hauntedhouse ##jerrytheghost ##ghost ##paranormal ##basement ##creepy ##viral ##haunted ##ghosts

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Over 1,400 of Rhoades' followers left comments on the video, which earned over 165,000 likes. "Honestly, the thought of someone in the afterlife finding joy in playing with someone's dog is adorable," one person wrote. "If Daisy is OK with Jerry, I'm OK with Jerry too," another wrote. "Jerry is obviously a Peanuts fan," another added, referring to the Snoopy doll. "Jerry just down there living his BEST LIFE," another wrote.

Rhoades has been posting about Jerry's "visits" to her basement for months. In late November, she complained to him about living in her basement and not doing anything. She told him if he was going to live there, he needed to at least do the laundry. Well yelling for him, she heard some sudden noises from the pipes. "No person and/or ghost is going to live in my house without helping out a little," she said. As she walked up the stairs, her dryer's door suddenly closed.


Jerry still "lives" in Rhoades' basement. On Friday, she shared a video in which she claimed the washer and dryer started running on their own. She asked Daisy what she thought happened, then ran down the stairs to find her laundry being done. "This is incredible, it's almost like I'm..." she said as she trailed off. In the next shot, she woke up from her nap and yelled, "Goddammit," possibly suggesting that she was just dreaming.