TikTok Transition How-To Video Will Make You Double-Take

TokTok user @edenharvz created a video last week showing how she creates seamless transitions in [...]

TokTok user @edenharvz created a video last week showing how she creates seamless transitions in no time at all, and many viewers are baffled. In a one-minute video, she films herself lip-syncing to a song then presents the final product with no additional editing at all. The results are pretty impressive.

The influencer, who goes by Eden Alicia on Instagram, was responding to a comment that read: "Love how you can just do this do fast! Would take me about 2 years." To show her process, she explained that she holds down the record button on TikTok and releases it between cuts to make the timing more precise. She demonstrated some intense optical illusions this way, making it look like she was changing outfits or swiping the entire frame away.

Eden's video went viral, and she retweeted many of the to responses herself. Most were in awe of her ability to plan out these transitions and execute them so fast. Many were from people who haven't used TikTok themselves, and assumed it worked differently.

"Yeah man. Tik Tok ain't for me. I thought they edited these outside of the app. Lol. Wow," one person wrote. Another added: "The kids these days are absolutely incredible," and a third tweeted: "This girl literally did a play by play on how to do easy transitions on tik tok and my old ass still confused."

Eden may be an exaggerated example of "the kids," since she is clearly well-practiced at the inner workings of TikTok. She has over 1.7 million followers on the platform, And over 105,000 followers on Instagram as well. She has used her status for good as well — earlier this month, the BBC profiled Eden for her series "Eat with Eden," which is designed to help out those who are feeling particularly lonely in quarantine.

"I've attracted mainly people who do struggle to eat, which is amazing, however, I did it for those who were struggling in the lockdown," she explained, "because there's so many different forms of loneliness that you don't even think of. Like single parents, there's so many different forms of it. I wanted people to feel like they had a friend, they had that comfort, they had someone to come to every evening to eat their food with."

Eden continues to host virtual dinner parties on social media, and her following is only growing. Whether her display of video editing aptitude will draw older users to TikTok is a different story.