Tiger Woods Wins The Masters, and the Internet Is Firing off Memes

Tiger Woods walked away with his first majors win since 2008 by taking the 2019 Masters on Sunday. [...]

Tiger Woods walked away with his first majors win since 2008 by taking the 2019 Masters on Sunday. This is Wood's fifth win at Augusta and his return after several years of personal issues that played out publicly. It is his 15th major win and the first win at Augusta since 2005.

Woods' reaction on the course was only rivaled by fan reactions from around the globe, watching the victory. Some went a little further than just congratulating the golfer, though, getting some fun in while celebrating. That means memes all around.

Some folks tied it in with Sunday's premiere of Game of Thrones, painting Woods at the Night King raising his career and legacy back from the dead with his fifth win.

Even Golf.com went this route with their celebration of Woods' victory, though they gave him a seat on the Iron Throne instead of marching along in the cold with an army of dead people. The smells alone are worth the upgrade, though not by much.

Others took a more classical route, calling back to Jeff Goldblum's reaction from the start of Jurassic Park. And it is fitting too given Woods' come-from-behind victory and the shock it has sent across the sports world on Sunday.

Even ESPN got in on the fun a bit with their own meme submission reacting to the victory. Noting his surprise rise from the ashes and the rise of his position on the leaderboards.

The sports network went with a tried and true method.

A few folks took the moment to highlight how the media was treating the golfer now compared to a few years back when he wasn't winning and his life seemed to have hit a rough spot. It is really nothing new considering how the media is always a pendulum swinging for everybody, but nice to see folks don't have the same selective memories.

There were also a people that took a moment to call out Tiger's doctor from the Texas Back Institute, Richard Guyer. After three prior attempts, Woods sought treatment at the Texas clinic and the work there brought the golfer back to professional play, capping off a successful return with Sunday's win.

The best response was the user who brought up the classic "Show me the money" scene from Jerry Maguire. If anything, the good doctor's stock is bound to rise thanks to Tiger's miraculous win.