Tiger Woods: These Masters Fans Were Not Down With Him Winning Again

Not everybody was happy with Tiger Woods' surprising Masters victory on Sunday. The victory was the golfer's first majors win since 2008 and his first victory at Augusta since 2005.

While most were gripped by the victory and were willing to call it one of the greatest sports moments in history, ranking it alongside The Miracle on Ice and Michael Phelp's eight gold medals at the Summer Olympics, others couldn't ignore Wood's personal incidents over the years.

"HUGE [LAUGH OUT LOUD] to all the congratulations for Tiger Woods," one critic posted. "He's a garbage human who happens to be good at golf but SUCKS a— at being a good husband, a good boyfriend and a good person."

This is a reference to Woods' divorce from wife Elin Nordegren in 2010 following his admission of infidelity and his alleged relationships with numerous women. The couple's personal strife played out in the media and Woods took a hiatus from golf at the time.

"Tiger Woods being an inspiration by showing us all that, yes, YOU TOO can dominate a sport with God given ability that no one else has, cheat on your wife like a complete piece of s—, suck for 11 years, and then randomly win again," another critic wrote.

"10 years ago Tiger Woods was treating his wife like an absolute piece of dirt, using his power as a professional sportsman to cheat on her on several occasions," a third comment added. "He might be a good golfer, but celebrating and glorifying a man who essentially ruined lives isn't vibing with me."

There were also a few that took a few shots at the sport of golf itself and the praise sent to Woods by President Donald Trump.

"Yay. Tiger woods wins. trump celebrates," a user wrote on social media. "Serial cheaters and liars cheering for a game that's so emblematic of wasted resources. Yay!!! Go tiger go. Cheat on another gf / wife tonight ! Trump will be there cheering for you."


Still, despite all of the criticism for Woods, he does have many more defenders and fans out there willing to celebrate his return to winning.

"To every curmudgeon upset Tiger Woods, who has had his fair share of controversy over the last several years, won [The Masters]," user John Russo wrote on Twitter. "[Go] kick rocks. Golf is more exciting with Tiger. Like him or hate him as a person, there is no disputing it."