This Kid Covering His Kitchen in Carrots Is Delighting the Internet

Kids really do say and do the darndest things!

After Samson Olive posted a photo of his son, Patimiosi Olive, who goes by Osi, looking triumphant after covering their kitchen in carrots, the Internet gained a new hero.

In the viral picture, Osi stands in the middle of the kitchen with his arms raised looking truly victorious. Balanced on every available surface within his reach are freshly peeled carrots.

"We were getting ready to make a roast, and we're working on peeling the carrots, and they started slowly disappearing," the amused father told BuzzFeed News.

The three-year-old did not offer any explanation for his impromptu art installation.

"All Osi could do was jump up and down and scream, 'Yay,'" Samson said. "Obviously, he was pretty excited about it. Yeah, he was extremely proud of himself."

He snapped a picture of the unexpected moment and his cousin posted it to Twitter.


"We left them up for a bit, and then he eventually took them down, and then we cut them up and put them in our dinner," he said.

People can not get enough of the kid's "random quirkiness."