There's Been a Vaccine for Lung Cancer Since 2011- Why Is It Not on the U.S. Market?

Cuba Has A Vaccine for Lung Cancer And America Wants In

Cuba has a Vaccine for Lung Cancer...and America wants in.

Posted by HuffPost Rise on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Each year, 432 Americans die daily from lung cancer, according to Huffington Post.

That’s not a small number. A number such as that makes us hope for a vaccine, a cure, anything to help save the lives of these thousands of individuals who die each year.

Well, surprise, there is a vaccine for lung cancer and it’s been around since 2011, in Cuba. Cuba developed CimaVax, “which prevents a growth factor that can cause tumor cells to grow.”

They developed it for 25 years and have been giving it to Cubans – for free, no less – since 2011. It takes $1.00 to make one shot.


New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, is trying to bring the vaccine to the U.S., however, the FDA has yet to test and approve it. Dr. Kelvin Lee states in the video above, “Patients getting CimaVax, in fact, live longer, than patients getting standard of care.”

It’s not clear why the FDA is taking so long to test and approve the vaccine. The lives of over 155,000 Americans might depend on it.