'The View': Donald Trump Says Nicolle Wallace Was 'Boring and Never Had What It Took'

Donald Trump recently tweeted his thoughts on why he thinks former co-host of The View, Nicolle Wallace, was fired from her position, as she's claimed to be an anti-Trumper Republican. Trump took to Twitter and said, "She was fired because she was boring and never had what it took. Perhaps that has proven to be a mistake!" Trump stated that in a reply to an article about her expanded role at MSNBC.

Wallace was fired from the popular morning television show in 2015 but quickly made her way to MSNBC for her daily program, Deadline: White House. While her show has expanded from one hour to two, she couldn't help but feel The View's decision to get rid of her was a little personal. "Well, I think the problem was it wasn't contentious that season I was on," she responded when asked by the Los Angeles Times about the reason ABC gave her the boot. "Being fired from a TV show where you think you're kind of baring your soul feels personal because it is. It's like being broken up with. Because I never worked in entertainment I think what I didn't understand is: It really was a casting, and it was a casting they didn't like."

Wallace has a long list of successes inside the White House prior to her television debut. She was the communications director for former President George W. Bush and an advisor to 2008 Republican presidential candidate John McCain. However, while she is a known Republican, she doesn't seem to be much a fan of President Trump based on the bad taste he left her with a few years back.


"So I just never think of myself as, 'How am I going to cover this story as a never-Trumper?' I said on television in 2015 that I was never going to be a voter available to Donald Trump because of what he said when he came down the escalator, and what he said about John McCain. But I covered him. I still call people working on the campaign and try to cover him," she said according to the outlet. She did note that while she may not be in Trump's corner, that has never stopped her from trying to be as even keel as possible when it comes to politics.