Here’s What The Most Interesting Man In The World Drinks Now (Hint: Not Dos Equis)

For a decade, The Most Interesting Man In The World convinced beer drinkers that Dos Equis was the sophisticated choice. Now, it seems, he's moved on to the heavier stuff.

In a new ad, initially shared by BroBible, Jonathan Goldsmith, the actor formerly known as "The Most Interesting Man In The World," throws back a shot of Tequila.

Surrounded by beautiful women, Goldsmith lifts his glass of Astral Tequila and says, "I told you I don't always drink beer."

Interestingly, the 78-year-old isn't just a spokesman for Astral, he's also an investor in the brand.

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After 10 years as the suave face of Dos Equis, Goldsmith parted ways with the company and they took their marketing campaign in a new direction, opting to recast The Most Interesting Man In The World as a much younger man.

Before his globally recognized role as the Dos Equis pitchman, Goldsmith started out his acting career in westerns, once starring opposite John Wayne in a film titled The Shootist.

He also took small roles on classic shows like Gunsmoke, Knight Rider, CHiPs, Hawaii Five-O, MacGyver, Murder, She Wrote, Charlie's Angels, Dynasty, Magnum, P.I., Knots Landing, and The A-Team.

His longest running TV role was when he appeared about 17 times on Dallas.

In addition to his acting credits, Goldsmith also works with several non-profit organizations.

He's put his support behind the Morris Animal Foundation, who works to treat and cure canine cancer, and the S.A.B.R.E Foundation, which is a group that strives "to protect and preserve the Siberian tiger."

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Goldsmith has also worked with the Free Arts for Abused Children organization, and the Stella Link Foundation, who works to fight child sex trafficking in Cambodia.


Turns out, Goldsmith wasn't just playing a role. He really is The Most Interesting Man In The World.