The Masters: Tiger Woods Nike Ad Drops Immediately After Win, and Fans Are Here for It

Nike's longtime loyalty to Tiger Woods is paying off. Immediately after the 43-year-old golfer won the 2019 Masters Tournament for the fifth time on Sunday afternoon, the athletic company dropped a Woods-themed ad on its social media channels.

Amid footage of Woods throughout his career and even as a young boy, the ad said, "It's crazy to think a 43-year-old who has experienced every high and every low and has just won his 15th major is chasing the same dream as a 3-year-old."

The ad ended with a young Woods saying, "I'm gonna beat Jack Nicklaus," who famously holds the professional golf record for 18 major tournament wins. With Sunday's historic victory at Augusta, Woods has won 15.

Additionally, with his 13-under 275 win, Woods became the oldest Masters champion since Nicklaus won his sixth green jacket at 46 in 1986. The victory was Woods' first win at Augusta since 2005 and first major victory since 2008.

Fans reacted to the Nike ad with gusto, thanking the brand for not dropping him during his highly publicized divorce and DUI arrest.

"Thank you for not dropping Tiger," one fan wrote.

"Props to Nike for always standing behind Tiger and not dropping him or turning their backs on him like 80 percent of the people celebrating his victory today!!" another said.

"Great tweet. a lot of people wrote him off. an important point. Nike stood by him and he did it. i am so happy!" someone else wrote.

"Who's chopping onions," another asked, joking that they were crying.

"Nike right now on this emotional day..." someone joked alongside a GIF of Jon Stewart mock-crying and drying his eyes with money.

The value of Woods' Sunday victory for Nike is roughly $22,540,000, according to Apex Marketing, CNBC reports. The figure comes from the brand value the apparel company received from Woods' on-camera exposure during the Final Round of the Masters broadcast on CBS, the firm said. He wore the iconic Nike swoosh on his hat, shirt, pants and shoes.

By Sunday afternoon, some of the Tiger Woods-themed branded apparel and accessories for men on Nike's website were sold out.

Nike first signed a five-year deal with Woods for $40 million at the debut of his professional career at the Greater Milwaukee Open in 1996. He and the company have since re-signed his contract numerous times. The company famously stuck by him in 2009 when he took an indefinite leave from the game amid his highly publicized marital infidelity. Sponsors like AT&T and Accenture dropped him, but Nike's brand president said, "He's got issues he needs to deal with and he's dealing with them. We are looking forward to him getting back on the golf course."


The brand proved its loyalty again in 2017 when Woods was charged with a DUI and found asleep behind the wheel of his car.