The Impressive Workout That Princess Kate Can Do, Even After Two Kids

Five years after becoming a princess, Princess Kate is totally rocking her first solo trip outside of the U.K. Today, she met with Netherlands King Willem-Alexander to talk about her mental health initiative.

princess kate netherlands king willem alexander
(Photo: Photo via PEOPLE)

While in the Netherlands, she will host a roundtable discussion between two of her charities, the Anna Freud Centre and Action on Addiction. "Because of her charisma, because of her interest, she is able to bring together people who would not normally be talking to one another and that brings enormous value," said Peter Fonagy, the chief executive of the Anna Freud Centre.

Princess Kate certainly has enough charisma to keep the entire world captivated on her every move. She and sister Pippa Middleton are reportedly very competitive, and the Daily Mail reports that Pippa and Kate love to exercise together. Kate's favorite move? The plank. The Daily Mail also says that the princess has a CrossFit obsession.

Check out the plank variations she can reportedly hold for 45 seconds each, and then repeat 10 times.

1. Plank: This is your basic plank, working your core, shoulders, and basically every other large muscle group on your body. Click here to learn how to do it!

push up plank

2. Side Plank: For the side plank, you'll hold your bodyweight with one arm. If you feel yourself start to shake, that just means it's working! Don't forget to repeat on your other side! Click here to learn how to do the side plank.

Side Plank

3. Superwoman: You'll feel this one in your abs, shoulders and booty. Click here to see how to do the superwoman!


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