Texas School Shooting: Parkland Students and Parents React

Survivors of the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida quickly responded to the Santa Fe High School in Texas on Friday. The shooting was the deadliest since 17 people were killed at the Florida shooting.

As reports from Texas came in, prominent Parkland students spoke out. Since the Feb. 14 shooting, many of the students have become vocal activists for gun control measures.

"Get ready for two weeks of media coverage of politicians acting like they give a shit when in reality they just want to boost their approval ratings before midterms," student David Hogg said in a statement.

"We are fighting for you," Hogg later added.

Student Cameron Kasky quoted President Donald Trump's response to the shooting, adding "Treating it like a sports game you sick bastard."

"Santa Fe High, you didn't deserve this," Emma Gonzales wrote. "You deserve peace all your lives, not just after a tombstone saying that is put over you. You deserve more than Thoughts and Prayers, and after supporting us by walking out we will be there to support you by raising up your voices."

"I should be celebrating my last day of high school, but instead my heart is broken to hear of the tragedy at Santa Fe," student Delaney Tarr wrote. "We cannot let this continue to be the norm. We cannot."

On Friday morning, a shooter opened fire at Santa Fe High School, killing at least 10 people. The suspect was identified as 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis. The victims include at least one adult.

Pagourtzis was a student at the school. According to witnesses, he was wearing army boots, a trench coat and a T-shirt reading "Born to Kill" at the time of the shooting.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott told reporters that the gunman used a shotgun and revolver legally owned by his father. He was confronted by two recourse officers on campus "early on in the process," according to Abbott, reports CNN.


Investigators found journals and a cell phone belonging to the suspect and indicated he wanted to take his own life.

"We need to do more than just pray for the victims and their families. It's time in Texas that we take action to step up and make sure this tragedy is never repeated ever again," Abbott said.