Watch: Terminated Walmart Employee's Meltdown Goes Viral

After a termination from their position at Walmart, a disgruntled store employee was caught on camera having a major meltdown and causing a scene in footage that has now gone viral.

FOX News affiliate FOX-4 spoke to an eyewitness on the scene who called the whole event, "pretty crazy."

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In cell phone video that has gone viral and made the rounds of social media, a Walmart employee can be seen cursing and yelling as she walks through the store. Followed by other employees to keep her under control under authorities arrive, another eyewitness says the employee was furious.

"I saw 2 liters busted all over the floor, there was bread loaves being thrown, the employee was punching holes in signs, throwing things all over the floor," said Austin Sawyer, who witnessed the incident and caught it on video. "I've never seen an employee freak out that way."

The incident has customers wondering why Walmart didn't do more to control the situation, with Sawyer telling the news station that it took him by surprise that a big organization "didn't do anything at all to prevent it."

Another customer who witnessed the event said Walmart should have "better security" so they could talk to her and try to calm her down instead of following her around.

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The FOX News station reached out to Walmart who said they are aware of the incident but "cannot discuss specific personnel matters."

It's unclear who the woman is and if she will be facing any charges.

The woman, who goes by the name of Terica, told the news station claims she was unfairly let go.

"I felt really disrespected. I felt out of place. I felt like they were antagonizing me," Terica said.

That's when she became frustrated, saying she acted out inside the store after feeling disrespected by a coworker.


"I was seeing red," Terica said. "When I first saw the video [though], it kind of was embarrassing for me cause I've never really acted like that."