Temu Products Recalled Over Serious Dangers

Two products sold by Temu were recalled in the last month due to the risk of burns and electrocution.

Two products sold by online retailer Temu have been recalled by the British government – a high-pressure shower head and an electric space heater. The shower head was recalled in mid-February while the space heater was recalled earlier this month, with both notices appearing on the U.K. government's website. Read on for all the information on these products and what to do if you've purchased them.

The first recall was for a product called "High Pressure Shower Head with Stop Button sold via Temu," and it was listed on the Temu website as "1pc high pressure water saving shower head and 1 pc high pressure shower head." It is a black detachable shower head that provides higher water pressure, and it can also be identified by a copy of the product listing which was saved to the recall website. The U.K. recalled this product because it did not comply with safety regulations, but to be specific, the hazard comes from the "stop" button on the product. While pressing it does stop the shower head, it also released a burst of extra hot water before turning off, which can burn users.

The U.K.'s Office for Product Safety and Standards has withdrawn this product from the market and recalled it, though it was only available on the Temu website. British customers who have already purchased it are advised to safely dispose of the product and contact Temu for a refund. So far, this product has not been recalled in the U.S., nor has the space heater.

The U.K. also recalled a product called "Portable Electric Space Heater sold via Temu," or "Electrical appliances and equipment – Convection Heater." Again, there is a copy of the listing to help identify this product, but there are also several product codes available in this case. The model number is FS007, the barcode reads 1057965707, and the product number is PO-210-05665009132153080. This is a black and white portable space heater with a brass handle.

This product technically violated another safety regulation in the U.K. In practical terms, it poses a risk of electric shock because of the way it was constructed. Regulators found that the front grill could become live under normal use, and on top of that the heater uses high voltage not suited to use with most electrical outlets in the U.K.

In this case, Temu has already contacted customers directly if they purchased this product with instructions on how to dispose of the heater and get a refund. There is no recall on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website, but the product has been removed from Temu altogether. You can stay up to date on recalls by subscribing to alerts from the CPSC.