Teenage Boy Kills Himself Playing Russian Roulette on New Year's Day

A teenager in Oregon is dead after playing a game of Russian roulette on New Year's Day.

Authorities said that the teen, who has not been publicly identified, fatally shot himself in the head at around 4 a.m. on New Year's Day inside of a mobile home in the Portland suburb of Sherwood, Oregon, KOIN 6 News reports.

Witnesses inside the mobile home at the time told police that the teenager had been playing a game of Russian roulette. Authorities claim that the gun, a .357 revolver, was not fully loaded and there had been at least one "click" of the chamber before the teen shot himself.

"It appears that he brought a handgun with him and from witnesses account that he was playing a game known as Russian roulette," Sherwood Police Captain Ty Hanlon said. "We believe that he showed up and initiated this all on his own."

It is believed that the teen had some connection to the other people in the mobile home, who were described as young adults around the age of 20. It is alleged that the unnamed teen had been the only one playing the game of Russian roulette.


Investigators are looking into the teen's background to see if he had a history of mental illness or suicidal tendencies.