Teen Dies at College From Eating Her Own Hair

A 16-year-old college student from the UK suddenly passed away due to an infection caused by a hairball in her stomach.

On September 7, Jasmine Beever was rushed to the hospital where the staff was unsuccessful in attempts to save her life, LincolnshireLive.com reports.

The autopsy concluded that Beever suffered from peritonitis. This occurs when the thin membrane of the abdominal wall is inflamed due to a bacterial or fungal infection. In Beever's case, the infected hairball in her stomach led to an ulcer bursting, which in turn caused her organs to quit.

Medical patients who swallow their own hair are often diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder called trichophagia, which is also referred to as Rapunzel syndrome, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health.

"Jasmine was amazing," Donna Marshall, a friend's mother, said. "She was one of those kids where she would make a sad face in the room smile. She was so bubbly."

Marshall explained that it was a shock to learn of Beever's death. Marshall's daughter, who is a long time friend of the student, set up a Just Giving page in order to take in donations for the Beever family to cover medical expenses.

"We are extremely upset but we want to thank everybody for all they have done for the family," Beever's parents said.




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